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Balance Transfer

Balance Transfers Explained:- Balance transfers can be defined as the process of moving an existing credit card balance from your current credit card to a new credit card, where typically the new credit card charges 0% interest on the balance for a limited time introductory period.

After this 0% introductory period has ended the credit card company will then charge any outstanding balance remaining on the card at a higher standard rate of interest. This standard rate will often be a representative 21.9% APR variable, and can be higher.

When a credit card customer transfers the credit card balance in this way by making a balance transfer, they are usually aiming to save money by paying no interest during the 0% introductory period.

Balance Transfer Articles

£6000 Balance Transfer

Published: May 11, 2022

6000 Credit Card Limit

Does a 6000 credit card limit allow you to make a £6000 balance transfer? We see many UK credit card customers looking for information, about making a balance transfer of this size.

One of the most common queries that we see, is which UK credit cards are the most suitable cards for a £6000 credit card limit?

Many UK card customers will be able to make smaller balance transfers within their existing credit limit. A credit …. Read More »

Instant Balance Transfer

Published: May 9, 2022

Instant Balance Transfer Credit Card

An instant balance transfer credit card is a credit card with an introductory balance transfer offer, that provides the customer with an instant decision on approval.

Why do UK card customers look for an instant balance transfer credit card?

With these immediate balance transfer credit cards the customer receives a faster decision. As a result, the customer knows the outcome within a couple of minutes of applying for the card. They then know whether or …. Read More »

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Balance Transfer News

HSBC Balance Transfer

Published: May 3, 2022

HSBC Credit Card Balance Transfer

The introductory 0% offers on the HSBC balance transfer credit card change regularly. This allows HSBC to adjust their competitiveness in the UK credit card market. All of the UK banks and card companies use their 0% offers to attract new customers.

The HSBC balance transfer credit card now offers new customers a longer 0% interest for 33 months on balance transfers, with a 2.7% balance transfer fee applies (minimum £5), and a representative 21.9% APR …. Read More »

Capital One Balance Transfer Offers

Published: March 23, 2022

Capital One Balance Transfer UK

Capital One balance transfer offers in the UK have been noticeable, largely by their absence over recent years. However Capital One balance transfer offers for existing customers are available in the UK.

0% Capital One balance transfer offers have been quite rare, ever since the start of the credit crunch, and the banking crisis which caused it. There have been only limited periods of time where 0% deals have been available on the Capital One …. Read More »

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Balance Transfer Questions

Which Credit Cards Can I Balance Transfer Halifax To?

Published: May 11, 2022

Halifax Balance Transfer To?

Many UK credit card customers are unsure which new 0% cards they can use to make a balance transfer from Halifax credit cards. We see a number of questions every month on this topic, including all of these common questions:-

Can you balance transfer from Halifax to MBNA?Can you transfer from Halifax to HSBC balance transfer credit card?Transfer from Halifax to Barclaycard credit card?Can you transfer from Halifax to Tesco?Can I transfer from Halifax to Nationwide?

Many customers will be aware that …. Read More »

Balance Transfer From American Express

Published: May 9, 2022

Amex Balance Transfer

Can you make an Amex balance transfer in the UK? Can you balance transfer from Amex to another credit card? How do you balance transfer from American Express cards?

We have seen all of these types of questions, more and more often over recent months. In this article, we explain how you can successfully make an American Express balance transfer, in the UK, in 2022.

A balance transfer from American Express credit cards can …. Read More »

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