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Balance Transfer

Balance Transfers Explained:- Balance transfers can be defined as the process of moving an existing credit card balance, from your current credit card to a new credit card. Typically, the balance transfer is made to a new credit card that charges 0% interest on the balance, for a limited time introductory period.

After this 0% introductory period has ended the credit card company will then charge any outstanding balance remaining on the card, at a higher standard rate of interest. This standard rate will often be a representative 21.9% APR variable, and can be higher.

When a credit card customer transfers the credit card balance in this way by making a balance transfer, they are usually aiming to save money, by paying no interest during the 0% introductory period.

Balance Transfer Articles

Marbles Balance Transfer

Published: August 10, 2022

Marbles Balance Transfer

What are the current Marbles balance transfer options for UK customers with a Marbles credit card?

Recently, we have seen many Marbles credit card customers looking for answers on the topic of making a Marbles balance transfer.

The current Marbles credit card is a credit card which is aimed primarily at those customers who have a low income and no credit history. It is also suitable for those customers with a poor credit history, due to …. Read More »

Large Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Published: August 2, 2022

Best Credit Card For Large Balance Transfer

Large balance transfer credit cards are those credit cards which allow a customer a larger credit limit.

These cards can allow a customer to make a large amount balance transfer. This larger balance transfer can be from one, or more, of their existing credit cards.

Many years ago, before the 2008 banking crisis, getting approved for a large balance transfer credit card, was often quite common for customers, in the UK.

Back then, many …. Read More »

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Balance Transfer News

RBS Balance Transfer Offers

Published: August 10, 2022

RBS Balance Transfer Offers

What are the current RBS balance transfer offers for UK customers, in 2022?

Royal Bank of Scotland for a long time did not offer 0% introductory rates on any of their credit cards. The previous 0% RBS balance transfer offers were removed back in March 2014.

RBS had stated then, that they would no longer offer 0% introductory offers on any of the RBS credit cards to either new, or existing customers.

RBS Balance Transfer Credit Card …. Read More »

NatWest Balance Transfer

Published: August 2, 2022

NatWest Balance Transfer

What are the current NatWest balance transfer credit card offers for UK customers?

There is now a 0% NatWest balance transfer credit card available, once again, in the UK credit card market.

Previously, NatWest had removed all of their 0% introductory transfer offers on their credit cards. The 0% NatWest balance transfers were all removed, back in early 2014. This was at the same time as parent company RBS removed their own 0% introductory RBS …. Read More »

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Balance Transfer Questions

What Credit Cards Can You Balance Transfer Tesco To?

Published: August 10, 2022

Balance Transfer Tesco To

What are the UK credit cards that allow a balance transfer from a Tesco credit card? Many customers want to know the cards that will allow a transfer from their existing Tesco credit card.

As you may already know, there are a large number of 0% balance transfer credit cards currently available in the UK. However, some of these credit cards, are actually issued by the same card companies, using different brand names.

Finding out who the actual …. Read More »

Does A Balance Transfer Count As A Payment?

Published: July 28, 2022

Does Balance Transfer Count As Payment

When you are planning to make a balance transfer, one question that you maybe looking to answer is, does a balance transfer count as a payment?

Making at least the minimum payment to your credit card company, on time every month, is vital if you want to keep your credit rating in good standing.

Credit card customers also need to make the monthly payment on time, every month. This is to avoid any late payment …. Read More »

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