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Balance Transfer

Balance Transfers Explained:- Balance transfers can be defined as the process of moving an existing credit card balance from your current credit card to a new credit card, where typically the new credit card charges 0% interest on the balance for a limited time introductory period.

After this 0% introductory period has ended the credit card company will then charge any outstanding balance remaining on the card at a higher standard rate of interest. This standard rate will often be a representative 21.9% APR variable, and can be higher.

When a credit card customer transfers the credit card balance in this way by making a balance transfer, they are usually aiming to save money by paying no interest during the 0% introductory period.

Balance Transfer Articles

Barclaycard Existing Customer Offers

Published: June 21, 2022

Barclaycard Balance Transfer Offers For Existing Customers

What are the current Barclaycard existing customer offers in 2022? What are the Barclaycard balance transfer offers for existing customers, in the UK?

Barclaycard existing customer offers are balance transfer deals for customers, who already have a Barclaycard credit card.

Barclaycard offers are usually available on their credit cards, with a number of different introductory 0% deals and offers. However, last year due to Coronavirus, almost all of the 0% Barclays balance transfer deals were …. Read More »

No Fee Balance Transfer

Published: June 14, 2022

No Balance Transfer Fee

Are there any no fee balance transfer credit cards available in the UK card market in 2022.

No fee balance transfer credit cards in the UK, are those cards which do not charge the customer a fee, when making a balance transfer.

Over the last couple of years a no fee balance transfer card has become much harder to find, in the UK.

Introductory 0% balance transfer offers have grown much longer over the past …. Read More »

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Balance Transfer News

RBS Balance Transfer Offers

Published: June 16, 2022

RBS Balance Transfer Offers

What are the current RBS balance transfer offers for UK customers, in 2022?

Royal Bank of Scotland for a long time did not offer 0% introductory rates on any of their credit cards. The previous 0% RBS balance transfer offers were removed back in March 2014.

RBS had stated then, that they would no longer offer 0% introductory offers on any of the RBS credit cards to either new, or existing customers.

RBS Balance Transfer Credit Card …. Read More »

NatWest Balance Transfer

Published: June 16, 2022

NatWest Balance Transfer

What are the current NatWest balance transfer credit card offers for UK customers?

There is now a 0% NatWest balance transfer credit card available, once again, in the UK credit card market.

Previously, NatWest had removed all of their 0% introductory transfer offers on their credit cards. Their 0% offers were all removed back in early 2014. This was at the same time as parent company RBS removed their own 0% introductory RBS balance transfer …. Read More »

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Balance Transfer Questions

Balance Transfer To Another Person?

Published: June 21, 2022

Balance Transfer From One Person To Another

Can you balance transfer to another person? Can you balance transfer from one person to another? Is a credit card balance transfer to a different name possible, in the UK?

We have over recent years, seen many credit card customers in the UK, looking for an answer about making a balance transfer from one person to another.

This balance transfer to another person situation, often occurs when one person has the outstanding balance on a card …. Read More »

Balance Transfer From American Express

Published: June 10, 2022

Amex Balance Transfer

Can you make an Amex balance transfer in the UK? Can you balance transfer from Amex to another credit card? How do you balance transfer from American Express cards?

We have seen all of these types of questions, increasingly over recent months. In this article, we explain how you can successfully make an American Express balance transfer, in the UK, in 2022.

A balance transfer from American Express credit cards can often be more …. Read More »

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