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Balance Transfer Expert is an independent website that focuses on UK balance transfers.

We provide a free to the user comparison service for every one of the over 80 UK 0% balance transfer credit cards currently available online. We also cover all the latest balance transfer news, as it happens in the ever changing UK credit card market.

At Balance Transfer Expert we provide a number of  in depth balance transfers articles, answer popular balance transfer questions and bring you the latest balance transfer tips.


The team behind BalanceTransferExpert.co.uk have been involved in the online credit card market since early 2002. At that time the most common balance transfer credit cards offered 0% for a maximum of 6 months.

Now many years further on, the UK credit card issuers now routinely offer much longer  introductory offers. Back in January 2018, balance transfer cards were available with 0% for up to 43 months. Now in 2020, current 0% offers are shorter, routinely around 28 months, as the Bank of England has raised concerns with the banks over consumer lending.

At Balance Transfer Expert we have a number of guiding principals:-

Every Available 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

  • Here at Balance Transfer Expert, in our balance transfer table, we have every 0% balance transfer credit card currently available online . We strongly believe in treating customers fairly and that you, as the consumer, benefit from having a complete view of all the available balance transfer credit cards.
  • Many other credit card websites show visitors only a very small percentage of the total number of balance transfer credit cards available. These other sites will generally only show the credit cards they are being paid to promote.

The Right Balance Transfer Credit Card

  • Here at Balance Transfer Expert we know that you can not transfer a balance from a HSBC credit card to a M&S credit card for example. Neither can you make a transfer the other way. This is because both credit cards are actually issued by the same card company.
  • At Balance Transfer Expert all of our credit card tables clearly show those UK balance transfer credit cards that will not allow a balance transfer from other credit cards issued by the same company.

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