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Large Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Published: November 24, 2023

Best Credit Card For Large Balance Transfer

Large balance transfer credit cards are those credit cards which allow a customer a larger credit limit.

These cards can allow you to balance transfer a large amount. This larger balance transfer can be from one, or more, of your existing credit cards.

Many years ago, before the 2008 banking crisis, getting approved for a large balance transfer credit card, was quite common for many UK customers.

Back then, many more customers were approved …. Read More »

Marks and Spencer Balance Transfer

Published: November 17, 2023

M&S Balance Transfer

What are the current Marks and Spencer balance transfer offers for customers in the UK, in 2023?

The longest Marks and Spencer balance transfer offer is available on the M&S Transfer Plus card. This credit card offers new customers a long 0% for [balance id="53"] months on balance transfers with a [fees id="53"] and a representative [apr id="53"] APR variable. This M&S balance transfer card also offers customers 0% for [purchases id="53"] months on …. Read More »

Balance Transfer Deals For Existing Customers

Published: November 7, 2023

Balance Transfer Offers Existing Customers

What kind of balance transfer deals for existing customers are available in the UK, in 2023?

Currently, there are two different types of 0% balance transfer deals for existing customers.

The first type of transfer deals for existing customers, are offered by all of the main UK banks and credit card companies. This includes the traditional high street banks, such as HSBC, Lloyds, Halifax and NatWest. It also includes the newer banks as well, including …. Read More »

Long Balance Transfer Card

Published: October 27, 2023

Long Balance Transfer Card

What is a long balance transfer card? What is the longest balance transfer credit card currently available in the UK? These are both popular questions that we see often on the topic of long balance transfer credit cards.

Currently in the UK, there are around 60 UK credit cards, available online, that have 0% introductory offers on balance transfers. The length of these 0% balance transfer offers do vary from card to card.

The UK …. Read More »

Balance Transfer Rules

Published: October 27, 2023

Credit Card Balance Transfer Rules

When you are making a balance transfer from one credit card to another, what are the balance transfer rules?

When you follow these credit card balance transfer rules you are more likely to ensure your balance transfer is successful.

Balance transfer rules can vary slightly from credit card company to credit card company. However there are a number of common balance transfer rules that do apply across all of the UK credit card companies. These rules apply …. Read More »

£4000 Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Published: October 20, 2023

4000 Credit Card

Which UK cards will allow a £4000 credit card limit? Are you looking for the most suitable 4000 balance transfer credit cards? Which 0% cards are best for a customer looking for a credit card with a £4000 limit, in 2023?

Over recent months, we have seen many more UK card customers, looking for answers to all of the above common questions.

Many card customers have questions about credit cards with a £4000 limit. In …. Read More »