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These pages have all the latest balance transfer articles related to UK balance transfers. Here at Balance Transfer Expert we are continually adding to these balance transfer articles to help your understanding of the UK balance transfer credit card market.

Balance Transfer £8000

Balance Transfer 8000

When you are looking to balance transfer £8000, what are the best UK 0% balance transfer credit cards for this size of transfer?

We see many UK credit card customers looking for help on the best 0% balance transfer credit cards to use to make larger balance transfers.

Before the banking crisis began, it was more common for credit card customers to be routinely offered larger credit card limits. These larger limits would allow a customer …. Read More »

Balance Transfer Deals For Existing Customers

Balance Transfer Deals Existing Customers

What kind of balance transfer deals for existing customers are available in the UK in 2019?

Currently, there are two different types of 0% balance transfer deals for existing customers.

The first type of balance transfer deals for existing customers are offered by all of the main banks. The former building societies, which issue 0% balance transfer credit cards in the UK also offer these types of deals..

In this case, the 0% balance transfer deal is …. Read More »

Marks and Spencer Balance Transfer

Marks and Spencer Balance Transfer

What are the current Marks and Spencer balance transfer offers in 2019?

The longest Marks and Spencer balance transfer offer is available on the M&S Transfer Plus card. This card now offers customers 0% for 28 months on balance transfers with a 0.99% balance transfer fee, minimum £5 and a representative 19.9 APR variable. This M&S balance transfer card also offers customers 0% for 6 months on purchases from account opening.

An alternative M&S balance transfer offer is also available on …. Read More »

£4000 Balance Transfer

£4000 Balance Transfer

Are looking to make a £4000 balance transfer? What credit cards will allow a £4000 credit card limit? Which UK 0% credit cards are the most suitable £4000 balance transfer credit cards in 2019?

Over recent months we have seen large numbers of customers looking for answers to these types of questions.

Many UK customers have questions regarding credit cards with a £4000 limit and how to make balance transfers of around £4000.

£4000 Credit …. Read More »

Barclaycard Existing Customer Offers

Barclaycard Existing Customer Offers

What are the Barclaycard existing customer offers in 2019? What are the current Barclaycard balance transfer offers for existing customers in the UK?

Barclaycard existing customer offers are balance transfer deals for customers who already have an existing Barclaycard credit card.

Barclaycard are one of the largest credit card issuers in the UK. The company has around 10 million credit card customers.

Barclaycard offers are available on credit cards with different introductory 0% deals and offers. However …. Read More »

£2000 Credit Card Limit

£2000 Credit Card Limit

Which UK credit cards are most likely to give a £2000 credit card limit to a new customer in 2019?

A credit card which has a £2000 limit will allow a customer to spend up to £2000 using the card.

This £2000 credit card limit can allow a customer to make a large value purchase. For example, the customer could buy a new TV, or living room sofa, using the card. Where the card has …. Read More »