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High Limit Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Published: October 13, 2023

High Limit Balance Transfer Cards

What are the UK 0% cards most suitable for customers looking for high limit balance transfer credit cards? How common are high limit balance transfer cards in the UK, in 2023?

Customers will usually look for high limit balance transfer cards when planning to make a large balance transfer, from one credit card to another.

Balance transfers of larger amounts do require you to be approved for a new credit card, with a high credit …. Read More »

Balance Transfer £8000

Published: October 6, 2023

£8000 Credit Card Limit

Are you looking to balance transfer £8000 from your existing credit card, or cards? Does a £8000 credit card limit allow this size of transfer? How hard is it to get a credit card with a 8000 limit in the UK?

We see many UK credit card customers looking for help on finding the right 0% balance transfer credit cards, to use to make large balance transfers.

Before the banking crisis, back in 2008, it …. Read More »

Barclaycard Existing Customer Offers

Published: September 28, 2023

Barclaycard Balance Transfer Offers For Existing Customers

What are the current Barclaycard existing customer offers in 2023? What are the Barclaycard balance transfer offers for existing customers, in the UK?

Barclaycard existing customer offers are balance transfer deals for customers, who already have a Barclaycard credit card.

Barclaycard offers are usually available on their range of credit cards, with a number of different introductory 0% deals and offers. However, in 2021 during the Coronavirus pandemic, almost all of the 0% Barclays balance …. Read More »

£2000 Credit Card Limit

Published: September 21, 2023

Credit Card 2000 Limit

Which credit cards are the most likely to give a £2000 credit card limit to new UK customers, in 2023?

A credit card with a 2000 limit allows you to spend up to a total of £2000, using your card.

This £2000 credit limit can allow you to make a reasonably large purchase. For example, you could buy a new larger TV, or new home furniture, using your card.

When the card has a …. Read More »

Credit Card Issuers UK

Published: September 21, 2023

Credit Card Issuers

Who are the top credit card issuers in UK? Who are the main British credit card companies? How do these UK credit card issuers affect a balance transfer?

These are all common questions that we have seen on many occasions over recent months as customers look for details on the UK’s credit card, card issuers.

There are currently around 60 balance transfer credit cards available online in the UK, with 0% introductory offers. There are …. Read More »

0% Cash Advance Credit Card

Published: September 14, 2023

0 Cash Advance Credit Card

What is a 0% cash advance credit card? What is the correct way for you to use a 0% cash advance credit card, in the UK?

Many UK credit card customers will know that credit cards allow customers to take a cash advance from their card. This is usually done, by using your credit card in a cash machine, to make a cash withdrawal.

However, any cash withdrawal taken in this way, will be charged interest …. Read More »