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These pages have all the latest balance transfer articles related to UK balance transfers. Here at Balance Transfer Expert we are continually adding to these balance transfer articles to help your understanding of the UK balance transfer credit card market.

Balance Transfer Offers

Balance Transfer Offers

The UK credit card market has a very wide range of balance transfer offers available now. Currently there are over 80 credit cards available online that have 0% balance transfer deals and offers. The number of available deals is down from the more than 110 cards available at the start of 2017.

The range of 0% balance transfer offers available in the competitive UK credit card market is constantly changing as the credit card companies …. Read More »

No Fee Balance Transfer Credit Cards

No Fee Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Are there any no fee balance transfer credit cards available in the UK credit card market in 2020?

Over the last couple of years no fee balance transfer credit cards have become an extremely rare occurrence.

Introductory 0% balance transfer offers have got much longer over the past ten years. As a result, more and more of the credit card companies have now imposed balance transfer fees. This has greatly reduced the number of no fee balance …. Read More »

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards 2020

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards 2011

What are the best balance transfer credit cards 2020?

In what is a very competitive UK credit card market, the 0% balance transfer offers and promotional deals are constantly changing.

Back in 2017 the best balance transfer credit cards in the UK kept increasing their 0% offers throughout the year. The longest balance transfer offers, were as long as 0% for 43 months then.

The Bank of England has recently warned the banks regarding the easy availability …. Read More »

Aqua Balance Transfer

Aqua Balance Transfer

Can you make an Aqua balance transfer? How do I make an Aqua card balance transfer? Can you make a balance transfer from Aqua card?

The above are all common question that we have recently seen customers looking for answers on the subject of an Aqua balance transfer.

The Aqua credit card is a credit builder credit card which is often used by customers who do not have any credit history, or who have had credit problems in …. Read More »

Balance Transfer £8000

Balance Transfer 8000

When you are looking to balance transfer £8000, what are the best UK 0% balance transfer credit cards for this amount of transfer?

We see many UK credit card customers looking for help on the best 0% balance transfer credit cards to use to make larger balance transfers.

Before the banking crisis began, it was more common for credit card customers to be routinely offered larger credit card limits. These larger limits would allow a customer …. Read More »

£5000 Balance Transfer

£5000 Balance Transfer

A £5000 balance transfer is when a customer transfers a balance of £5000 from one credit card to another credit card. The new balance transfer card will often have a 0% interest rate for an introductory period. This 0% rate on the new card, can allow the customer to save money by paying less interest.

Who can make a £5000 balance transfer in the UK? Which UK credit cards are the most suitable for a …. Read More »