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Balance Transfer Problems

Published: July 8, 2021

Balance Transfer Problems

Making a balance transfer is normally a very simple process. However balance transfer problems do sometimes occur. A balance transfer is when a customer requests to transfer the outstanding balance from one credit card to another.

There are a number of potential balance transfer problems. The most common types of balance transfer problems that we see UK credit card customers having are described below.

A failed balance transfer, can end up costing you money. For example, if …. Read More »

Balance Transfer Deals For Existing Customers

Published: June 24, 2021

Balance Transfer Deals Existing Customers

What kind of balance transfer deals for existing customers are available in the UK, in 2021?

Currently, there are two different types of 0% balance transfer deals for existing customers.

The first type of transfer deals for existing customers are offered by all of the main banks and card companies. This includes banks such as Lloyds, Halifax, and HSBC, as well as Sainsbury’s Bank and M&S Bank. The former building societies, which issue 0% balance …. Read More »

Credit Card Issuers

Published: June 24, 2021

Credit Card Issuers

Who are the top UK credit card issuers? Who issues credit cards? How do these credit card issuers affect balance transfers?

These are all common questions that we have seen on numerous occasions over recent months as customers look for details on the UK’s credit card, card issuers.

There are currently over 50 balance transfer credit cards available online in the UK. There are also a small number of additional credit cards available offering cash …. Read More »

Large Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Published: June 21, 2021

Large Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Large balance transfer credit cards are those credit cards which allow a customer a large credit limit.

These cards can allow a customer to make a large amount balance transfer. This balance transfer can be from one, or perhaps several, of their existing credit cards.

Before the banking crisis began, being approved for a large balance transfer credit card, was often quite common for many UK customers.

Back then, many more customers were approved …. Read More »

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards 2021

Published: June 11, 2021

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards 2011

What are the best balance transfer credit cards 2021?

In what is a very competitive UK credit card market, the 0% balance transfer offers and promotional deals are constantly changing.

Back in 2017 the best balance transfer credit cards in the UK rapidly increased the length of their 0% introductory offers. Back then, the best balance transfer cards, had introductory offers for as long as 0% for 43 months.

However, the Bank of England last year warned …. Read More »

Balance Transfer Promotional Code

Published: April 23, 2021

Balance Transfer Promotional Code

What is a balance transfer promotional code? How can UK credit card customers make use of these balance transfer promotional codes in 2021?

The UK credit card companies will sometimes make additional 0% or low rate balance transfer offers, to some carefully selected existing credit card customers.

To allow these balance transfer offers, outside of any introductory balance transfer offer periods, the credit card companies will supply selected customers with a balance transfer promotional code.

This balance transfer promotional code is usually …. Read More »