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Balance Transfer Rules

Published: January 30, 2015

Balance Transfer Rules Signature

When you are making a balance transfer from one credit card to another, what are the balance transfer rules you must follow to ensure a successful balance transfer?

Balance transfer rules can vary slightly from credit card company to credit card company. However there are a number of common balance transfer rules that do apply across all of the UK credit card companies, to almost all balance transfers.

Balance Transfer Rules

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Credit Card Issuers

Published: November 27, 2014

Credit Card Issuers

Who are the main UK credit card issuers and how do these credit card issuers affect balance transfers?

There are currently over 60 balance transfer credit cards available online in the UK, with some cash back and rewards credit cards also available.

However there are far fewer UK credit card issuers, with many of the credit card companies issuing a large number of credit cards, often under different brand names.

Credit Card Issuers

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How To Do A Balance Transfer

Published: December 29, 2011

How To Do A Balance Transfer

If you have never done a balance transfer before, you may well have questions relating to how to do a balance transfer.

Here at Balance Transfer Expert, we aim to explain all aspects of the balance transfer process as simply as we can, so here is our guide on how to do a balance transfer.

What is a balance transfer?

A balance transfer occurs when a credit card customer transfers the outstanding debt from one credit card to another credit card.

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