Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Before you compare all of the 55 currently available 0% balance transfer credit cards from Nartionwide, Post Office, Tesco and many more card companies:-

IMPORTANT - The Right Way To Make A Balance Transfer

This quick and simple next step can greatly increase your chances of a successful balance transfer :-

  • Did you know that all of the credit card companies have one common restriction on balance transfers?
  • They will not allow you to make a balance transfer to a new credit card issued by the same company as your current credit card
  • Selecting the name of your current credit card below, will allow us to show only those cards which will allow a balance transfer

From the alphabetical list below, please select the name of your current credit card.

1)  Please select the first letter of the name of your current credit card ( that is the card that you wish to transfer a balance from )
2)  Then, in the selection list that appears, click on the name of your current credit card

Current credit card not listed above? Compare all available balance transfer credit cards.

Please note that the alphabetical list of existing credit cards, shown above, does include many credit cards that are now no longer available to new applicants.