Balance Transfer News

These pages have all the latest balance transfer news related to UK balance transfers. Here at Balance Transfer Expert we are continually updating this balance transfer news to help your understanding of the UK balance transfer credit card market.

RBS Balance Transfer Offers

RBS Balance Transfer Offers

Royal Bank of Scotland have once again changed the RBS balance transfer offers on their range of credit cards, with effect from 17th March 2014.

The 0% RBS balance transfer offers on the RBS Platinum credit cards have now been removed and as a result there are now no longer any 0% offers available on RBS credit cards.

RBS have now stated that they will no longer offer 0% introductory offers on any of their …. Read More »

24 Months Credit Card

24 Months Credit Card

The UK ‘s first 24 months credit card was introduced as a special offer for a limited time only by Barclaycard in 2011.

This 24 months credit card had at the time, the longest ever UK balance transfer offer, a 0% for 24 months introductory promotional rate on balance transfers.

The 24 months credit card was briefly available again in January 2012 for the peak balance transfer period in the new year.

24 Months Credit Card

Many of …. Read More »

Barclaycard Take Over Egg Credit Cards

egg Credit Card

The Egg credit card brand has now been removed from the UK credit card market and is no longer available for applications to new customers.  This is as a result of the announcement that Barclaycard has reached agreement with Egg’s owner Citi to purchase all of Egg’s 1.15 million credit card accounts.

Barclaycard has now bought all the credit card accounts of customers of both the Egg Card and Egg Money credit cards.

Barclaycard bought the credit …. Read More »