Balance Transfer Questions

These pages have all the latest balance transfer questions and answers related to UK balance transfers. Here at Balance Transfer Expert we are continually adding to these balance transfer questions and answers to help your understanding of the UK balance transfer credit card market.

Can I Do A Balance Transfer From Someone Else’s Credit Card?

Making A Balance Transfer

Here at Balance Transfer Expert we have recently seen many UK credit card customers looking for answers to questions about a balance transfer from someone else’s credit card.

Common questions we have seen on this topic over recent months have included all of the following:-

Can I transfer my husband’s credit card balance to mine Can I balance transfer my partners credit card? Can I transfer my wife’s credit card balance to mine? Can you do …. Read More »

Balance Transfer From Vanquis?

Balance Transfer From Vanquis

Can you make a Vanquis balance transfer? Is a balance transfer from Vanquis possible? Which Vanquis balance transfers are allowed?

These are all some of the most recent questions that we have seen UK credit card customers looking for answers on around the topic of making a balance transfer from Vanquis.

The Vanquis credit card is primarily a credit builder credit card designed for people with either no previous credit history, or for people who who have …. Read More »

Do American Express Offer Balance Transfers?

American Express Offer

Do American Express offer balance transfers?

This is an increasingly popular question, that here at Balance Transfer Expert, we have seen many UK credit card customers looking for an answer to over recent months.

American Express currently offer a wide range of credit cards in the UK, as well as their traditional range of charge cards. The current American Express range of credit card has a strong emphasis on the travel sector with credit cards …. Read More »

Balance Transfer From American Express?

American Express Card

Can you do a balance transfer from American Express? Can a customer in the UK make an AMEX balance transfer? Can you make a balance transfer from AMEX charge or credit cards to another UK credit card?

Here at Balance Transfer Expert, we have recently seen a very considerable increase in the number of customers looking for answers to all of the above types of questions, on the topic of a balance transfer from American Express.

The short …. Read More »

What Is The Maximum Balance Transfer Amount?

Balance Transfer Pound Notes

What is the maximum balance transfer amount?

Here at Balance Transfer Expert, over recent months, this is a question that we have seen more and more often.

The maximum balance transfer amount that you can transfer from one credit card to another credit card, by way of a balance transfer, does vary from customer to customer.

This is because the maximum balance transfer amount is dependant on the following two factors :-

The credit limit that you have been …. Read More »

How Long Does A Balance Transfer Take?

Balance Transfer Credit Card

How long does a balance transfer take?

A balance transfer is where a customer makes a request to transfer the outstanding debt on an existing credit card to a new credit card. Often the new credit card will offer a 0% introductory deal on balance transfers which can give the customer an opportunity to save money by paying less interest during this introductory offer period.

The length of time that a balance transfer takes to clear is now largely …. Read More »