Balance Transfer Questions

These pages have all the latest balance transfer questions and answers related to UK balance transfers. Here at Balance Transfer Expert we are continually adding to these balance transfer questions and answers to help your understanding of the UK balance transfer credit card market.

Do American Express Offer Balance Transfers?

American Express Offer

Do American Express offer balance transfers?

This is an increasingly popular question, that we have seen many UK credit card customers, over recent months looking for an answer to.

American Express currently offer a wide range of credit cards in the UK. This is in addition to their traditional range of charge cards. The current American Express range of credit card has a strong emphasis on the travel sector. These credit cards include the British …. Read More »

MBNA And Virgin?

MBNA and Virgin

Here at Balance Transfer Expert we see many credit card customers looking for answers to questions related to the relationship between MBNA and Virgin Money.

Some of the most recent questions relating to MBNA and Virgin have included the following :-

Are MBNA and Virgin Money the same? Are Virgin Money credit cards MBNA? Are Virgin  and MBNA the same company? Can I balance transfer from MBNA to Virgin? MBNA And Virgin

The reason that …. Read More »

Can I Do A Balance Transfer From Someone Else’s Credit Card?

Making A Balance Transfer

Over recent months, we have seen many UK credit card customers looking for answers to questions about a balance transfer from someone else’s credit card.

Usually, when making a balance transfer, a credit card customer will transfer the outstanding balance from a credit card in their own name to a new credit card, also in their name.

However, what if you would like to transfer the outstanding balance from someone else’s credit card, whether that be your wife, …. Read More »

Balance Transfer From American Express

American Express Card

A balance transfer from American Express credit cards can often be slightly more difficult, than many other types of balance transfers in the UK. An AMEX balance transfer can often fail due to the 15 digit card number on an American Express card.

We have seen an increasing number of questions on the topic of a balance transfer from American Express, recently.

In this article, we explain how to successfully make an American Express balance transfer.

…. Read More »

Balance Transfer To Another Person?

Balance Transfer To Another Person

Can you balance transfer to another person?

We have recently seen many UK credit card customers looking for an answer, regarding making a balance transfer to another person.

The balance transfer to another person situation can often occur when one person has the outstanding balance on a card in their name, but another person may well have the stronger credit rating. This can often make them more likely to be accepted for a new 0% balance transfer …. Read More »

MBNA Balance Transfer Existing Customers

MBNA Balance Transfer Existing Customers

What are the MBNA balance transfer existing customers offers? Are there any MBNA existing customer balance transfer deals? What are the current MBNA offers for existing customers?

All of the above are popular questions on the topic of a MBNA balance transfer for existing customers. We have seen an increase in the number of UK customers looking for answers on this subject, over recent months.

MBNA Offers For Existing Customers

Some specially selected MBNA existing …. Read More »