Balance Transfer Questions

These pages have all the latest balance transfer questions and answers related to UK balance transfers. Here at Balance Transfer Expert we are continually adding to these balance transfer questions and answers to help your understanding of the UK balance transfer credit card market.

Balance Transfer From Vanquis

Balance Transfer From Vanquis

Can you make a Vanquis balance transfer? Is a balance transfer from Vanquis possible? Which Vanquis balance transfers are allowed?

These are all some of the most recent questions that we have seen UK credit card customers looking for answers on, around the topic of making a balance transfer from Vanquis.

The Vanquis credit card is primarily a credit builder credit card. The card is designed for people with either no previous credit history, or for people …. Read More »

How Long Does A Balance Transfer Take?

Balance Transfer Credit Card

How long does a balance transfer take?

A balance transfer is where a customer makes a request to transfer the outstanding debt on an existing credit card to a new credit card. Often the new credit card will offer a 0% introductory deal on balance transfers. This can give the customer an opportunity to save money by paying less interest during this introductory offer period.

The length of time that a balance transfer takes to clear is now largely …. Read More »

Does A Balance Transfer Count As A Payment?

Does Balance Transfer Count As Payment

When you are planning to make a balance transfer, one question that you maybe looking to answer is, does a balance transfer count as a payment?

Making at least the minimum payment to your credit card company, on time every month, is vital if you want to keep your credit rating in good standing.

Credit card customers also need to make the monthly payment on time, to avoid any late payment fees,  charged by the …. Read More »

Can You Balance Transfer Store Cards?

Can You Balance Transfer Store Cards?

Can you balance transfer store cards?

We have recently seen an increased number of people looking for an answer to the question of can you balance transfer store cards?

Store cards differ from credit cards in that store cards allow a customers to make a purchase in one specific brand of stores and then pay later. With a credit card however a customer can make a purchase in any retailer using the card and pay later.

Can …. Read More »

Do American Express Offer Balance Transfers?

American Express Offer

Do American Express offer balance transfers?

This is an increasingly popular question, that we have seen many UK credit card customers, over recent months looking for an answer to.

American Express currently offer a wide range of credit cards in the UK. This is in addition to their traditional range of charge cards. The current American Express range of credit card has a strong emphasis on the travel sector. These credit cards include the British …. Read More »

MBNA And Virgin?

MBNA and Virgin

We see many credit card customers looking for answers to questions related to the relationship between MBNA and Virgin Money.

Some of the most recent questions relating to MBNA and Virgin have included the following :-

Are MBNA and Virgin Money the same? Are Virgin Money credit cards MBNA? Are Virgin  and MBNA the same company? Can I balance transfer from MBNA to Virgin? MBNA And Virgin

The reason that credit card customers are asking …. Read More »