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Which Credit Cards Can I Balance Transfer MBNA To?

Published: March 18, 2022

Balance Transfer MBNA

We very often see UK credit card customers asking which credit cards can I balance transfer MBNA to? Some of the more popular questions on this topic include:-

Can I transfer from MBNA to another MBNA credit card?Is a MBNA to Halifax balance transfer possible?Can I balance transfer MBNA to Barclaycard?Can I balance transfer from MBNA to Virgin?Can I transfer MBNA balance to Lloyds?

Many credit card customers are not fully aware that MBNA, like all of the other UK credit card …. Read More »

Does A Balance Transfer Count As A Payment?

Published: February 28, 2022

Does Balance Transfer Count As Payment

When you are planning to make a balance transfer, one question that you maybe looking to answer is, does a balance transfer count as a payment?

Making at least the minimum payment to your credit card company, on time every month, is vital if you want to keep your credit rating in good standing.

Credit card customers also need to make the monthly payment on time, every month. This is to avoid any late payment …. Read More »

Mint Balance Transfer?

Published: February 16, 2022

Mint Credit Card

Can you make a Mint balance transfer? Is the Mint credit card still available in the UK?

The Mint balance transfer credit card was a UK credit card, issued by Royal Bank of Scotland.

The card was unusual in in the UK card market, in that the Mint credit card had a distinctive appearance The Mint card had a curved shape on the bottom left corner, rather the normal rectangular shaped credit cards seen …. Read More »

Balance Transfer From Lloyds?

Published: January 12, 2022

Balance Transfer Lloyds To

Which UK credit cards will accept a balance transfer from Lloyds?

Here at Balance Transfer Expert, some of the common questions on this topic that we have seen recently, include all of the following:-

Can I balance transfer Lloyds to Nationwide?Can I transfer from Lloyds to M&S balance transfer credit card?Balance transfer from Lloyds to NatWest?Can I balance transfer Lloyds to Bank of Scotland?Can I make a Lloyds to HSBC balance transfer?Is a balance transfer from …. Read More »

Is Barclaycard MBNA?

Published: January 6, 2022

Barclaycard MBNA

Is Barclaycard MBNA? 

We see a lot of UK credit card customers looking for answers to questions like the one above. Very often customers look to answer this question, when they are looking to make a balance transfer to a new card.

Why are so many credit card customers asking questions about the Barclaycard MBNA topic?

The reason is that as many of these customers will know, that you are not allowed make a balance transfer between two credit cards …. Read More »

How Long Does A Balance Transfer Take?

Published: January 5, 2022

How Long Do Balance Transfers Take?

How long does a balance transfer take? How long does a credit card balance transfer take?

Both of the above are popular question that we often see, on the topic of how long do balance transfers take?

A balance transfer is where a customer makes a request to transfer the outstanding debt on an existing credit card to a new credit card. In many cases, a customer will choose a new interest free balance transfer card which …. Read More »