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Visa To Visa Card Transfer?

Published: September 14, 2021

Visa Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Can a UK credit card customer looking to make a balance transfer, make a Visa to Visa card transfer? Are there any restrictions on making a Visa to Visa card transfer?

A Visa to Visa card transfer occurs when a customer makes a balance transfer between two credit cards, which both carry the Visa branding.

Currently in the UK credit card market there are around 60 0% balance transfer credit cards, currently available online. A small number of these available balance transfer credit …. Read More »

Mastercard To Mastercard Transfer?

Published: September 14, 2021

MasterCard To Visa Balance Transfer

Can UK credit card customers make a Mastercard to Mastercard transfer? Are there any restrictions on a MasterCard to Mastercard balance transfer?

A Mastercard to Mastercard transfer occurs, when a balance transfer takes place between two different Mastercard credit cards.

MasterCard is a worldwide company that provides the payment technology and standards that enable commerce all around the world. At Mastercard they provide the connections between the credit card companies, the merchants who accept credit cards, and the cardholders.

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