For Balance Transfers Be Brand Aware

There is lots of choice in the UK credit card market, although not as much as there was several years ago. We currently list around 80 0% balance transfer credit cards offering introductory rates of up to 28 months on balance transfers.

Credit Card BrandsThis may seem like a huge number of credit cards to choose from, but in actual fact you may have far fewer credit cards available to choose from. This applies especially, if you wish to transfer a balance from your current credit card.

This is because the credit card companies will not allow balance transfers from credit cards that have a different brand name, but which are actually issued by the same company.

Applying for a new credit card and getting accepted, only to find out that you can not make a balance transfer, because your current credit card and your new credit card are issued by the same company can be very frustrating.

In many cases when you are looking for a new balance transfer credit card, it is not immediately obvious who the issuing credit card company behind each credit card actually is. Often the name can be buried in the small print of the site or in the balance transfer terms and conditions of the card agreement and is not always easily found.

For Balance Transfers Be Brand Aware

Did you know that the AA credit card and all of the Post Office credit card are both issued by Bank of Ireland for example? You can not transfer a balance from an AA credit card to a Post Office credit card or vice versa.

However with Balance Transfer Expert, we have done all the hard work of finding out which credit card issuer is behind each brand.

  1. Go to our Balance Transfer Credit Card page
  2. Then simply select the name of your current credit card
  3. We will then show you, only those credit cards which are issued by a different card company
  4. All of these cards will accept a balance transfer from your current card*

(*Provided of course, that you are accepted for the new credit card)

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