MasterCard To Visa?

When you are looking to make a balance transfer, a common question we often see here at Balance Transfer Expert, is can you make a MasterCard to Visa transfer?

MasterCard to VisaA MasterCard to Visa balance transfer is where a customer makes a balance transfer from a credit card with the MasterCard branding to another credit card carrying the Visa brand.

MasterCard and Visa themselves do not actually issue any credit cards, but they do provide the branding, systems and the rules that help make electronic payments happen everyday between millions of worldwide consumers and businesses.

All UK credit cards are issued by a bank or other financial institution. The banks issue their credit cards using their selected choice of  MasterCard or Visa branding.

MasterCard To Visa

So can you make a MasterCard to Visa balance transfer?

The answer is yes you can usually make a MasterCard to Visa transfer, however there is one important factor to take into account.

Some of the UK’s credit card companies issue credit cards using both MasterCard and Visa branding, as well as issuing credit cards under different names.

The credit card companies do not currently allow a balance transfer to be made from one card to another when both cards are actually issued by the same company.

As a result to ensure a successful MasterCard to Visa transfer, you need to check that the credit cards you wish to transfer between are from different companies.

Here at Balance Transfer Expert, we have already worked out which credit card company is behind each and every one of the over 90 UK 0% balance transfer credit cards currently available online.

So to discover which 0% balance transfer credit cards will allow a MasterCard to Visa transfer :-

  1. Go to our 0% Balance Transfer Cards page
  2. Select the name of your current credit card from the list of credit cards available
  3. We will then show you only those credit cards which you can safely apply for, because they are issued by different card companies

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