Visa To Visa Card Transfer?

Visa To Visa Card TransferIf you are a credit cardholder planning to make a balance transfer, can you make a Visa to Visa card transfer? Are there any restrictions on a Visa to Visa card transfer?

A Visa to Visa card transfer occurs when a cardholder makes a balance transfer between two credit cards, which both carry the Visa branding on the credit card.

Currently in the UK credit card market there are over 90 0% balance transfer credit cards available online.

A large number of these available balance transfer credit cards are issued using the Visa logo and branding.

Visa do not issue credit cards directly but provide the brand, the systems, the services, and the rules that help make electronic payments happen between millions of worldwide consumers, retailers and businesses. Visa is accepted at millions of locations worldwide.

Visa To Visa Card Transfer?

When a credit card customer is looking to make a balance transfer or Visa to Visa card transfer between two Visa credit cards, there is one important factor they need to be aware of.

All of the UK credit card issuers, regardless of whether they issue Visa or indeed MasterCard credit cards, currently do do not allow balance transfers to be made when the two credit cards involved in the transfer are both issued by the same card company.

As an example, you can not make a Visa to Visa card transfer from one Barclaycard credit card to another Barclaycard credit card. This balance transfer is not allowed if both credit cards are Visa or even if one card is a Visa card and the other card is a MasterCard.

Finding out who the actual credit card issuer is for each and every different credit card can often be difficult. Many of the card companies issue multiple credit cards often using different brand names.

However, here at Balance Transfer Expert, we have already worked out which credit card company is behind each and every one of the over 90 UK 0% balance transfer credit cards currently available online.

So to discover which 0% balance transfer credit cards will allow a Visa to Visa card transfer :-

  1. Go to our 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card page
  2. Select the name of your current credit card from the list of credit cards available
  3. We will then show you only those credit cards which you can safely apply for, because they are issued by different card companies

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